Our superior security containers have a built-in lock to ensure your documents are safe till they are shredded.

AS-009 Confidential Security Console

Shredding consoles are ideal for office settings where paper is collected in medium to large amounts.

• Self Closing Lock provides added security
• Door is out of the way when emptying with 180° nylon

Height 36"
Width 21 1/2"
Depth 16"
Capacity 60 lbs.

95 Gallon Classic Roll-Out Cart

Carts are ideal for office or warehouse settings where paper is collected in large amounts.

• Strong walls
• A dual reinforced wear strip
• Water tight lid design eliminates leaks and reduces odors

Height 46 3/8"
Width 26 3/8"
Depth 33 3/4"
Capacity 340 lbs.